What to Expect at Eval21 Reimagined: A Virtual Experience

AEA is beyond excited to once again present an interactive, virtual experience, featuring high-quality education, virtual networking, time to meet online with forward-thinking evaluation professionals, and the Virtual Connection Center where you can connect with publishers and organizations. Take a look at what you can expect at Eval21 Reimagined.


The virtual experience will feature about 120 sessions over the course of four days, to be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. You will have access to the virtual session recordings for three months following Eval21 Reimagined, allowing you to learn from all of our knowledgeable speakers. During Eval21 Reimagined, you won’t have to choose one session over the other, making for a robust educational experience.

Types of Sessions

You can expect:

  • Three Plenary presentations curated by AEA President Tom Grayson
  • Presidential Strand sessions focused on this year’s conference theme
  • A mix of pre-recorded and live sessions
  • Small virtual workshops to take place after the Virtual Experience

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Through our virtual platform, you will be able to “enter” virtual exhibit booths to meet with publishers, universities, service providers, and organizations that serve the field of evaluation. Through the platform, meet with exhibitors to have conversations, request information about their offerings, schedule a one-on-one meeting, or exchange information to discuss their work at a later point.

The Eval21 Reimagined platform will be available prior to the virtual experience.


The Virtual Experience platform allows you to ask questions, begin discussions, and connect with fellow attendees throughout the entire event. Each session will include a chat box to allow for easy engagement with the session topic. In addition, the Virtual Exhibit Hall will be continuously open to connect with organizations, publishers, and companies working to advance evaluation practice.

The best way to connect with your peers, is by updating your profile! You can upload a photo of yourself and add information about your company, location, interests, skills and more. Your profile information allows you to find other attendees with similar interests. Add your contact information to your profile to build life-long connections.

What Not to Expect from Eval21 Reimagined

The Virtual Experience will not be:

Just another lengthy Zoom meeting.

Many of our sessions will be pre-recorded, allowing speakers to join in an active chat conversation and answer questions in real-time with attendees.

Limited to the tech-savvy only.

While this experience will go above and beyond the capabilities of Zoom, the video aspects and interactive functions are easy-to-use and don’t require any hefty software downloads. Stay tuned for instructions on how to use the platform.

Full days spent in front of your computer.

The schedule will have built-in breaks for you to answer emails, move around, or grab a cup of coffee (or a snack!). As stated above, all sessions will be recorded and can be viewed for the next three months, allowing you to create an agenda that fits your lifestyle.

Limited to those who have the capability to travel.

This virtual experience will be open to all, without the physical and financial barriers of traveling and booking accommodations in order to attend.