Evaluation 2024 Streams

Full conference program available soon!


New for Evaluation 2024, presentations on the conference agenda will be sorted in Streams. Designed with input from AEA's Topical Interests Groups (TIGs) and AEA’s Conference Advisory Working Group, Streams identify sessions that fall within common themes. Attendees may utilize the Streams to find sessions that fit within their interests and learning goals for the conference.


Evaluation Foundations and Methodology

Provides a comprehensive overview of the foundational principles, methodologies, and emerging trends in the field of evaluation.


Program Development and Design

Discusses insights and strategies for developing and designing programs that are responsive to community needs and grounded in theory and evidence.


Education and Learning

Provides a platform for researchers, evaluators, and educators to share insights and best practices in evaluating educational programs with a focus on improving learning outcomes and promoting equitable access to education.


Health and Wellness

Evaluators share knowledge and best practices in evaluating programs aimed at promoting health, well-being, and social welfare.


International Evaluation, diversity, and specific populations

Provides a platform for discussing culturally responsive and equitable evaluation practices that recognize and honor the diversity of human experiences and perspectives.


Social and Cultural Impact

Presentations discuss evaluation practices, methods, and programs that focus on understanding and measuring broader social, cultural, and systemic impact.


Government and Public Policy

Provides a platform for participants to discuss evaluation practices that are essential for informed decision-making and accountability in government and public policy domains.


Multi-Level and Complex Evaluations

Highlights the importance of using innovative methodologies, interdisciplinary collaborations, and contextually sensitive frameworks to enhance the relevance and utility of evaluation.


Specific Issues

Discusses evaluation programs, practices, and methods tailored to diverse contexts and sectors including Arts, Culture, & Museums, Crime and Justice, Disaster & Emergency Management Evaluation, Environmental Program Evaluation, and Social Finance.