Evaluation 2019 Video Project

Young evaluators and evaluation students with support from evaluation scholars, thought leaders and academics – were invited to prepare and submit a short video or slideshow with highlights from conversations about the future of evaluation. Scroll down to view our top submissions! 

Through this video project, AEA President Tessie Catsambas asked new evaluation professionals and students of evaluation and related fields to engage in a conversation about the future of evaluation, with the support of their academic and professional mentors.

This project served as an invitation to new evaluators and students of evaluation to help us shape the questions and discussions used to assess key milestones, successes, and challenges, and to explore current and emerging issues in evaluation. It was also an invitation to academic and professional evaluation mentors to help guide and foster this dialogue.

Finally, it was an invitation to our brothers and sisters in the global community. AEA is part of the global network of evaluation associations and societies through its representation in the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), EvalPartners and its affiliate task forces. We have been strong in partnership with others, as we saw with the UN Resolution that declared 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation. So, we invited our colleagues around the world, and especially EvalYouth that reaches 24,000 new and emerging evaluators, to share their views with us.

What to Base Your Video On

Interviews with evaluation “elders” or communities of users of evaluation: Groups of students or new evaluators identify a group of experienced evaluators in their communities or anywhere in the world, and interview them on issues the interviewers think are important for the future paths of evaluation. This could be conducted as part of a class on an evaluation topic (e.g., ethics, methods, management, etc.) or as an ad hoc group. A group of evaluators might also interview community members who use evaluation about how evaluation can support their learning and increase their resilience and capacity to take on the important issues they face.

Forum discussion: Groups of students or new evaluators invite speakers to a forum they organize locally and have a discussion on issues important for the future of evaluation.

Student/new evaluator panel: Groups of students or new evaluators organize and present a panel on key issues for the future of evaluation in an existing evaluation gathering.

What to Create

A short video or slideshow, up to 3 minutes or less, that highlights your conversations and messages.

How the Videos Will Be Used

  1. The videos will be posted on the AEA website.
  2. Participating groups and individuals can use the process to enhance conversations at the local level.
  3. Other VOPEs can engage in these conversations in their own evaluation conferences and summits.

Congratulations to Our Top Submissions!

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Brian Blumenbend Maritza Concha Hannah Patterson