From Learning to Action for a Greener World

Let’s take a big step towards a smaller footprint. AEA has taken some great steps to help us reduce the environmental footprint of our conference.

 How You Can Help  

  • Bring your own name tag holder
  • Bring your own bag for conference materials
  • Forego the printed program in favor of the mobile app which includes search functions on all sessions and presenters and TIGs  

 These options have been in place for several years and are popular with attendees. 

This year, the AEA Environmental Sustainability Working Group introduces another option:  Shrink the carbon footprint of your travel to the conference by purchasing carbon offsets.  Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the primary cause of climate change.  Offsets are voluntary contributions that fund projects that reduce or capture carbon such as wind turbines for schools in Indiana and a small hydropower plant in Brazil.   Click here to calculate the carbon emissions associated with your travel and purchase offsets from Native Energy or another organization. If you choose Native Energy, please enter “AEA” as your “Company” so we can track our impact.