Letters of Invitation

For many people, letters of invitation help smooth the visa process and we wish to support international attendees in their efforts to secure the needed travel documentation. However, in order to receive a letter of invitation, the conference organizers must have some assurance that you intend to attend the conference if your travel request is granted. Letters will be issued to those meeting any ONE of the following criteria:

  1. You have been a member of AEA prior to 12/31/2017
  2. You are scheduled to present at the annual conference
  3. You have completed and paid for 2018 conference registration
  4. You have won an AEA International Travel Award
  5. You can provide evidence of your work or study in the field of evaluation

Request a Letter of Invitation

We will be collecting inquiries on July 23, 2018. Please email info@eval.org indicating "invitation letter" in the subject line with the following information:  

  • An indication of which of the five criteria above you meet, including documentation of your work or study in the field of evaluation if you meet only criteria #5
  • The full address that should appear on the letter
  • The name and title of the person to whom the letter should be addressed
  • Whether you prefer that the letter be mailed, faxed or emailed (and provide a fax number if that is preferred)
  • Any other information that you believe is needed in order to process your request for a letter or to develop the letter of invitation.

Letters of invitation will be emailed, faxed, or mailed via the United States Postal Service using standard international delivery. Due to the costs involved, AEA cannot send letters of invitation via express mail services. We strongly encourage you to make your request at the earliest date possible. Requests received after October 24, 2018 may not be able to be honored. Letters of invitation are sent within three working days of receipt of all requested information. If you have questions about obtaining a letter of invitation, please direct them to the AEA office via email at info@eval.org or via phone at 1-202-367-1166.