Childcare Services

AEA Management Team has been researching the possibility of offering childcare services at this year’s conference. We conducted a survey of members and past attendees in April/May this year and received 84 responses (thank you) in which 74% reported interest in the service, 23% unsure. We gathered good information from AERA’s staff (AERA offers a similar service at their conference) and had received a proposal from an outside services firm to offer the childcare services. While we had budgeted some funds to cover the basics infrastructure costs required by the outside firm (furniture, snacks, etc), we encountered an unexpected expense of renting a hotel suite vs. using one of the allocated meeting rooms. This would have prohibitively increased the expenses. So while we are unable to provide the service this year, we are continuing to research ways to offer this service in future years in a cost effective manner. If you would like to provide feedback, feel free to email Executive Director Denise Roosendaal

Other AEA members have used childcare services in Washington, D.C. This list has not been vetted by AEA in anyway nor does AEA make any endorsement of these services whatsoever. This list is provided for your information but you are responsible for determining whether the services meet your standards. AEA takes no legal responsibility for the claims or services provided by these third party vendors.

  • Contact the Marriott Wardman Park at (202) 328-2000 for a list of other suggested providers.

Mother’s Room

AEA does provide a Mother’s room each year for the convenience of nursing mothers. Interested mothers may check out a key from the registration desk by providing a driver’s license. The room is available for up to 30 minutes at a time and the driver’s license is returned upon the return of the key to the desk. Please contact Alessandra Cigna regarding any questions: