Evaluation 2017 Video Contest

We challenged the evaluation community to tell us what the Evaluation 2017 theme: From Learning to Action means to you! With 27 submissions, we have chosen the top 5 videos that will be shown at Evaluation 2017. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the video contest.

Winston Allen

This video highlights my personal process of learning as an international development evaluator. It uses a series of footage from actual field work, to emphasize the importance of mutual learning in evaluation teams, and the implication for evaluation use.

Delia Kundin

This video show that words matter. Learning novel ways to communicate the value and uses of evaluation to new users.

Sergio Cambronero

The video offers a response to the three questions by engaging the Evaluation 2017 audience with an analogy of evaluation as "gardening", asking “is evaluation planting or harvesting?". The intrinsic proposition in its imagery is that, by the nature of what we seek to accomplish as evaluators and how we choose to both "cultivate and gather" through our intended contributions, we should remain keenly aware that the path we will travel "from learning to action" is neither linear nor predictable. Moreover, the visual and sound treatments of the video aim to suggest that recalling our childhood spontaneity and curiosity will best serve our progress through this path.

Michael Patton

This video shows my top five lessons on Learning to Action based on my 48 years of evaluation practice experience and ends by inviting others to share their lessons at the conference.

Andrew Forsman

I am so excited about this year's conference theme because it embodies what evaluation is to me and captures our purpose as a profession–help other people learn, and let that learning guide their action to make meaningful change.