Community Perspective Index – Oxfam Canada’s approach to measure social norms that perpetuate violence against women and girls

Session Number: 1799
Track: Feminist Issues in Evaluation
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: adaptive evaluation, Baseline Assessment, baseline study, formative evaluation, mix-methods, social norms
Session Facilitator: Rotbah Nitia, Monitoring & Evaluation Professional [Women's Right/Gender Equality MEL Specialist - Oxfam Canada]
Time: Nov 13, 2019 (05:45 PM - 06:30 PM)
Room: Hilton Marquette VIII

Audience Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Oxfam Canada completed a formative evaluation using feminist research methods, for its five-year multi-country project on reducing violence against women and girls (VAWG) (implemented with 25 local civil society partners). One of the specific objectives of this evaluation was to measure community and personal perspectives on attitude, norms, and behaviors regarding VAWG and women’s rights and entitlements. To that end, we piloted the community perspective index (CPI) during the project baseline, comprised of 40+ statements in six key areas. As with the baseline, the formative evaluation proved to be equally challenging as the interviewers strived to focus on capturing data on community perspectives and not personal beliefs. Partner led peer evaluation using qualitative approaches added relevance and ensured the reliability of the findings. The CPI will continue to be refined and be used as the primary tool for measuring social norm change regarding VAWG by the project.