Evaluation in Development Settings:

Session Number: FIE2
Track: Feminist Issues in Evaluation
Session Type: TIG Multipaper
Session Chair: Alejandra Garcia diaz villamil [MEL Director - Vital Voices Global Partnership]
Presenter 1: Emily Springer [University of Minnesota Sociology]
Presenter 2: John Michael Maxel Okoche, Okoch, Consultant [Consultant - Uganda Management Institute]
Presenter 4: Alejandra Garcia diaz villamil [MEL Director - Vital Voices Global Partnership]
Time: Nov 13, 2019 (04:30 PM - 05:30 PM)
Room: Hilton Marquette VIII

Abstract 1 Title: Gendering Indicators: Understanding the precarity of gender advisors in development organizations
Presentation Abstract 1:

Drawing from interviews with gender advisors—the professionals tasked with mainstreaming gender in development projects—in East African field offices, this article demonstrates the importance of gendered organizations theory to understand how professionals respond to performance metrics. Although gender advisors articulate a strong preference for qualitative data to capture the lives of the women they are meant to assist through the project, they paradoxically voice a need for quantitative measures. I demonstrate that gender advisors face both structural subordination through the monitoring and evaluation system and interactional resistance in the workplace. I argue that this tenuous position within the organizational hierarchy drives gender advisors to seek out new forms of power—coming to view metrics as expeditious bureaucratic tools able to inspire cooperation in otherwise reluctant coworkers. I contribute a multi-level analysis of how and why gender advisors, skeptical of quantified indicators, come to embrace them in development organizations.

Abstract 2 Title: Philosophical perspective of gender based M&E in development Programs.
Presentation Abstract 2:

Gender-based evaluation is underpinned by a feminist epistemology providing a basis for generation and production of knowledge underpinned by feminist epistemology. The feminist epistemology major arguments are enshrined in the perspective that women's ways of knowing are different and knowledge generated affects both men and women differently. Bartkowski (1999) argues that "Are there 'women's ways of knowing' and 'women's knowledge'?" And "How does the knowledge women produce about them differ from that produced by patriarchy? A feminist approach to epistemology seeks to establish knowledge production from a woman's perspective. Epistemology It theorizes that from personal experience comes knowledge which helps each individual look at things from a different insight. The feminist epistemology systematically transforming the evaluation with gender perspective incorporating gender dimensions in the evaluation design data collection and analysis. The paper provides insight on philosophical foundations evaluation geared towards empowering women in the collection of data, analysis and recommendations. 

Abstract 4 Title: Paving the road to learning in women’s leadership through evaluation testing and retesting
Presentation Abstract 4:

As context changes and participants needs increase so does the demand for better data to tell the true impact. At Vital Voice Global Partnership, our aim is to tell the story of women’s leadership and their impact on their communities. How to best capture the journey and learn from women’s leadership is the question that drives our last evaluations. In the last three years, we piloted a variety of methodologies including Most Significant Change, PhotoVoice and SenseMaker. All of the evaluations lead to adaptations and innovations as we collected the data. What did we learn from using all these different methodologies? How do we create a better pathway forward to creating impact while learning? The presentation will focus on the process along with the lessons learned and create a dialogue from those on a way to move forward given the complexity and context of women’s leadership.

Audience Level: All Audiences

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Evaluation in Development Settings: