Examining Cultural and Linguistic Competency of the New York State Partners in Policymaking

Session Number: 1128
Track: Disabilities and Underrepresented Populations
Session Type: Roundtable
Tags: Cultural and linguistic competency, disabilities and other vulnerable popula, Feasibility assessment
Session Facilitator: Hsiao-Ying Chang [Research Associate - Cornell University Yang-Tan Institute]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Hsiao-Ying Chang [Research Associate - Cornell University Yang-Tan Institute]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Sarah von Schrader [Senior Reserach Associate - Cornell University]
Time: Nov 13, 2019 (05:45 PM - 06:30 PM)
Room: Hilton Marquette VII

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Partners in Policymaking is a long-running program designed to promote leadership and advocacy among individuals with developmental disabilities and family members. The New York State (NYS) program is only available online and in English; however, individuals with limited English proficiency in NYS have expressed interest in participating in the program. In this session, we will describe the process used to evaluate the feasibility of translating the course for Chinese and Spanish speaking communities. The evaluation took into account the needs, strengths, cultural and disability-related perspectives and experiences of people in these communities. The assessment included the development and use of a tool to evaluate cultural and linguistic competency of the curriculum, focus groups with members of the communities, and an advisory council representing cultural brokers from both communities. We will share lessons learned, tools developed, and facilitate an interactive dialog on the transferability of our approaches to other programs.