Women’s leadership in evaluation - looking beyond technical expertise to company leadership

Session Number: 1654
Track: Feminist Issues in Evaluation
Session Type: Panel
Tags: woman-owned business
Session Chair: Kerry Bruce [Chief Executive Officer - Clear Outcomes LLC]
Presenter 1: Ami P Henson [President/CEO - Weeyacom LLC]
Presenter 2: Prerna Mukharya [Founder - OUTLINE India]
Presenter 3: Azra Kacapor Nurkic [CEO and Co-Founder - Institute for Development Impact]
Presenter 4: Neelima Grover [President and CEO - QED Group]
Time: Nov 16, 2019 (08:00 AM - 09:00 AM)
Room: Hilton Marquette VII

Abstract 1 Title: Starting from scratch in 2019 - things to consider when starting a woman-owned small evaluation business.

Presentation Abstract 1:

This presentation will review the considerations for starting a woman-owned small business in 2019, including the business market, the need for contract expertise and the need for networks and partnerships.

Abstract 2 Title: Woman-owned evaluation companies in the international context

Presentation Abstract 2:

This presentation will discuss successful strategies for internationally based female entrepreneurs including understanding of the local context and leveraging local connections. The conversation will also discuss the role of technology tools while running data startups modeled as for profit social enterprises.

Abstract 3 Title: Successful small businesses - how to get there

Presentation Abstract 3:

Beyond the start up - this presentation will outline some of the key issues for established small businesses in the evaluation space including customer management, system development, and mentor-protege relationships.

Abstract 4 Title: Getting Big: How has women’s leadership impacted the field of evaluation and what is different?

Presentation Abstract 4:

Drawing on QEDs 20+ years of experience, QED Founder and CEO Neelima Grover will share her experiences of how women’s leadership has influenced the evaluation field. What have her experiences been and what is unique/different? This presentation will discuss some of the strategies that small businesses can use to grow their business successfully including small business mechanisms that can support growth, leveraging evaluation experience to move into new sectors through reinvestment.

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Studies have shown that women CEOs/owners have a huge impact on an organization’s work and culture. Women leaders promote diversity in thinking and influence the direction of our work. However, there continue to be few women leaders in the evaluation industry.  Five women entrepreneurs at different stages in their evaluation business growth come together in this panel. They will discuss their strategies, their challenges and how these impact their evaluation practice. This session should be of interest to those all participants interested in starting a business, growing their current business or looking for opportunities to work with women-owned businesses.  The panel will specifically address the contributions of women to leadership in the evaluation field and how this impacts practice.