Youth Perspectives on Evaluation: Youth Participatory Evaluation in Minneapolis Public Schools

Session Number: 2238
Track: Presidential Strand
Session Type: Demonstration
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Sophie Pilhofer [Title I Compliance Evaluation Specialist - Minneapolis Public School District]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Sarah Weiss [Evaluation Specialist - Minneapolis Public Schools]
Time: Nov 14, 2019 (05:00 PM - 05:45 PM)
Room: CC 200DE

Other Authors: Maren Henderson submitted the presentation, but will be on maternity leave during the conference.
Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Minneapolis Public Schools was the first district in the country to systematically implement a Youth Participatory Evaluation (YPE) program across all middle and high schools. Since 2015, youth teams have collected data from peers and adults in their school, analyzed this information, and presented recommendations to school administration and district leadership. This session will highlight members of two of the YPE teams who will share their experiences as evaluators and the evaluations their teams have done.  In particular, the youth will speak to the unique and diverse perspectives young people have brought to the evaluation process, including developing relevant evaluation questions and creating engaging data collection tools. They will also reflect on innovative strategies youth evaluators have used to ensure their evaluations make an impact.