Learning and evaluation in a new paradigm: business and development

Session Number: 1934
Track: Social Impact Measurement
Session Type: Roundtable
Tags: business, Investing, Mixed Method Evaluation, SDGs measurement and evaluation, Systems Thinking
Session Facilitator: Chris Barnett [Director, Technical Excellence - Itad Ltd]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Chris Barnett [Director, Technical Excellence - Itad Ltd]
Time: Nov 15, 2019 (10:30 AM - 11:15 AM)
Room: CC 200 G

Audience Level: Intermediate

Session Abstract (150 words): 

It is widely recognised that the Sustainable Development Goals require an unprecedented level of business engagement in developing countries – as investors in infrastructure and business activity; as providers of products and services that deliver solutions to key societal challenges; and as shapers of responsible, inclusive and sustainable global value chains and market systems.

At Itad we are focusing on this issue through our Inclusive Growth practice – working with traditional (donor/institutional) clients on private sector and market systems development programmes and, increasingly, directly with investors and businesses.

This session will engage participants to consider the evolving role of monitoring, evaluation and learning in measuring the extent to which the private sector contributes to development impact; to focus on innovative methodologies to measure induced and systemic impacts in complex, multi-stakeholder environments; contributing to an informed dialogue regarding the role of business in development; and adapting practices to the specific needs and priorities of investors and the private sector.