A collaborative assessment of a participatory evaluation: Lessons for equitable evaluation

Session Number: 2315
Track: Nonprofit and Foundations
Session Type: Panel
Tags: equitable evaluation, Foundation evaluation, participatory evaluation
Session Chair: Elba Garcia [Senior Consultant - Learning for Action]
Presenter 1: Leslie Cooksy [Evaluation Director - Sierra Health Foundation]
Presenter 2: José Emmanuel Martinez [Immigration Services Outreach Coordinator - Education & Leadership Foundation]
Presenter 3: Jessica Xiomara García [Director of Learning Culture - Learning for Action]
Presentation 3 Additional Author: Elba Garcia [Senior Consultant - Learning for Action]
Time: Nov 15, 2019 (04:30 PM - 05:30 PM)
Room: CC 101 H

Abstract 1 Title: The funder's perspective on participatory evaluation: Rationale and operationalization
Presentation Abstract 1:

The panel will open with a brief description of the context for the participatory evaluation that is the focus of the dialogue. Representing the funder perspective, Cooksy will outline the reasons for selecting a participatory evaluation (PE) approach and the ways in which the decision was operationalized.

Abstract 2 Title: Perspectives from the nonprofit grantee: Implementing participatory evaluation
Presentation Abstract 2:

Representing the perspective of the nonprofit organizations who were required to carry out PE, this presentation will describe the challenges experienced in launching the PE and how these were (or were not) overcome over the course of the evaluation’s implementation.

Abstract 3 Title: The technical assistance provider's perspective: Facilitating participatory evaluation
Presentation Abstract 3:

Learning For Action was selected to provide technical assistance to the grantees who were charged with carrying out PE. They will briefly describe their role and use their experiences to lead the dialogue about how this process could be carried out to maximize the success of the grantees and the value of PE for all stakeholders.

Audience Level: Beginner

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Recognizing that the community is often left behind in the evaluation process, Sierra Health Foundation embraced a participatory evaluation (PE) approach as a core element of its work to strengthen the capacity of communities and organizations to improve health and well-being of vulnerable children and families in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  This panel shares reflections of three stakeholders: the funder, the funded community partners, and the consultants providing PE technical assistance. We describe the challenges created by early decisions made by the funder and the strategies used to overcome them. The perspective of the community partners is a highlight of the panel, providing insight into what happens when a seemingly equitable approach to evaluation is required. The panel responds to the leadership strand of the theme of the conference, asking how we can include members of marginalized communities in evaluation in ways that respect their context and demands.