Wednesday Plenary - Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Up close and Personal with Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas

Session Number: 3223
Track: Presidential Strand
Session Type: Keynote

Time: Nov 13, 2019 (03:15 PM - 04:15 PM)
Room: CC Auditorium Main 2

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Melissa Chapman will be joined by local hosts and leaders to welcome all conference attendees and situate us in time and space. Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas will then welcome and situate us in the mental space for our conference. What we value and honor guides us, what we chose to lead grows, and who we invite to the table influences and creates the future. Tessie will share her perspective on the most important priorities and questions in evaluation today, and invite all participants to step into the conference to contribute ideas and questions to weave our paths to the future of evaluation.