Building a Dataviz Blessing: How to Shift Organizational Culture around Presenting Data Effectively

Session Number: 1089
Track: Data Visualization and Reporting
Session Type: Panel
Session Chair: Stephanie Evergreen [Consultant - Evergreen Data]
Discussant: Stephanie Evergreen [Consultant - Evergreen Data]
Presenter 1: Travis Rutledge [Senior Business Intelligence Developer and Analyst - Goodwill Industries International]
Presenter 2: Rocele Estanislao
Presenter 3: Rachelle Reeder [Director, Strategy & Evaluation - Ad Council]
Presenter 4: Christopher Gegenheimer [Monitoring, Evaluating, Learning Practice Manager - Chemonics International]
Time: Nov 02, 2018 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: Hilton - Superior Ballroom C

Abstract 1 Title: Big Viz in a Small Pond
Presentation Abstract 1:

As a result of capacity building over the past two years, Goodwill Industries International has seen a culture shift in their perspective and approach towards data visualization. Where staff were once unsure and unfamiliar with the skillset, they are now utilizing it to more effectively communicate and streamline their reporting and decision-making. This presentation will explore how data visualization capacity building was facilitated at Goodwill over the past two years, specifically looking at the various strategies employed and lessons learned. Strategies that will be discussed include in-person trainings, office hours, data viz makeover competitions, self-learning resources, how-to guides, templates, and more. Lessons learned will include getting leadership buy-in, celebrating small victories, and empowering staff in their own learning and work. Before and after examples of reports and dashboards will be provided. 

Abstract 2 Title: Re-Design It and They Will Come: Lessons from Instilling a Data Viz Culture
Presentation Abstract 2:

For over a decade, Rocele has used data visualization to engage staff with their data to inform decisions as well as tell the story of funding and program efforts in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. During this presentation, she will share her data viz experience in working in various philanthropic and nonprofit organizations in lifting up data from lengthy narrative reports to more enticing, quick dashboards. This has led to building staff capacity in feeling comfortable with data and use it effectively. Examples of program and organizational reports will be shared as well as the rippling impact of data viz across the organization. This is an example of how changing the data viz culture in any organization can start small and organically evolve over time; while also creating incremental change along the way.

Abstract 3 Title: Data Viz Is A Terrible Thing to Waste
Abstract 4 Title: Visualize Your Way To Decisions: Building Organizational Culture Around Visualization
Presentation Abstract 4:

Learning organizations value and use their data; institutionalizing data use and creating excitement requires a multi channel approach. In addition to general skill building, internal communications can reinforce good practice and expand the base of people who use data. At Chemonics, we are actively working to build a data and learning culture and recently completed an internal communication effort focused on providing employees to use newly learned visualization skills to create engaging graphs and charts as part of an internal effort. This session will share results of the effort and provide participants with practical guidance on development of similar initiatives for promoting data visualization and use within an organization.

Audience Level: Beginner

Session Abstract (150 words): 

Sometimes it can feel like you are a unicorn. You’re the only one in your office who understands how much difference it can make to your ability to communicate your evaluation findings when they are presented effectively, with smart design and data visualization. Convincing your colleagues, supervisors, and external partners to take the risk and improve how data is communicated can be a challenging endeavor. In this panel, three previous unicorns will talk about how they were able to shift the culture of their entire organization and get everyone on board to present data more effectively. Each panelist will share specific strategies that worked in their organization, show the reporting evolution that has taken place, and talk about the subsequent organizational impacts. A group of unicorns is called a blessing. Come to learn how to build your own blessing and convince your boss that this is worthwhile.