Privilege Walk 2.0: Innovative adaptations and uses to promote equity in our evaluation practice and organizational learning

Session Number: 2016
Track: Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation
Session Type: Skill-Building Workshop
Tags: Addressing power and priviledge
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Cristina Magana [Director - Harder+Company Community Research]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Sophia Lee [Senior Research Consultant - Harder+Company Community Research]
Third Author or Discussion Group Leader: Jenine Spotnitz [Research Assistant - Harder+Company Community Research]
Fourth Author or Discussion Group Leader: Jennifer Monica Moore [Research Associate - Harder+Company Community Research]
Time: Nov 01, 2018 (08:00 AM - 09:00 AM)
Room: CC - 5

Other Authors: Shya Castillo, Maricela Pina
Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

As evaluators become increasingly aware of the influence of power, privilege, and race on strategies, programs, and engagement with communities, they are seeking guidance and resources to equitably address these issues in the context of their work and their teams. Our workshop aligns with this year’s conference theme “Speaking Truth to Power” by showcasing the adaptation of the privilege walk tool –frequently used to reflect on privilege (often white privilege) at the detriment of people of color. Workshop attendees will gain hands-on experience on the administration of the adapted privilege walk and, more importantly, learn about pitfalls to avoid and the importance of including critical elements to further help participants reflect on their identities and privilege including the use of intersectionality. Participants will gain practical insights in how to foster individual and organizational reflection around issues of race, power and privilege within their project teams and client work.