Overcoming Barriers to Building a Dynamic Evaluation-Informed Learning Culture in Philanthropy

Session Number: 1170
Track: Presidential Strand
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: adaptive management, communities of practice, evaluator roles, organizational learning, sensemaking
Session Facilitator: Julia Coffman [Director - Center for Evaluation Innovation]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Huilan Krenn [Director of Learning & Impact - WK Kellogg Foundation]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Veronica M Olazabal [Director, Measurement, Evaluation and Organizational Performance - The Rockefeller Foundation]
Third Author or Discussion Group Leader: William Sambisa
Fourth Author or Discussion Group Leader: Jane Reisman [Social Impact Advisor - Jane Reisman Ph.D.]
Time: Nov 10, 2017 (06:30 PM - 07:15 PM)
Room: Maryland C

Other Authors: Debra Joy Perez
Gordan and Betty Moore Foundation
Chief Evaluation and Learning Officer

Sarah Stachowiak
ORS Impact--
Theme: Learning About Evaluation Use and Users
Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

A unique value-add of evaluation is that our practices and products provide a rich dimension to strategic decisions and actions.  Whether evaluators raise critical learning questions, synthesize existing knowledge or produce a report or briefing that is based on solid evaluation practice, our work complements other types of questioning and knowledge production that guide strategic decisions and actions, selection of partners, and allocation of resources. Still, evaluators are often challenged to make their work relevant to organizational leaders and decision-makers.  This session has assembled several concrete examples of frameworks, processes and presentations that have made breakthroughs to overcoming barriers that often impede a dynamic learning culture in philanthropic settings, The examples that will be shared span the gamut of small place-based family foundations to large global foundations.