Evaluation 2017: From Learning to Action

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(61) Utilization Focused Group Concept Mapping: Building Your Research for Inclusion, Translation and Use

Session Number: 61
Track: Professional Development Workshops
Session Type: Professional Development Workshops
Workshop Lead Presenter: Mary Kane [President - Concept Systems, Inc.]
Other Workshop Presenter 2: Scott Rosas [Director of Research and Evaluation - Concept Systems Inc.]
Time: Nov 08, 2017 (12:00 PM - 03:00 PM)
Room: Madison A

Theme: Select one
Audience Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Learning Outcomes (PD Workshops): • the practical and theoretical basis for Group Concept Mapping, and how it relates to other group-centered processes;
• the place and importance of process utilization and outcomes utilization in group or community research and evaluation, and the differences between them;
• how to use the Project Design model as an adaptive structure for social research and evaluation project design.

Session Abstract (150 words):  This workshop is for intermediate and advanced planning and evaluation professionals who work with groups and communities to • assess needs or describe future desired outcomes • articulate solutions through deliberate engagement of communities and populations of interest • utilize research results to catalyze change in the group or community and, equally important, • emphasize the value of process utilization to affect the group, the context and the results. Building on the authors’ experience and using a “case” model approach, the workshop will • provide an appropriate level overview of the Group Concept Mapping methodology, including relevant advances • share the practical steps in GCM, as a refresher for attendees or to build upon attendees’ technical knowledge • illustrate and discuss methodology utilization, process utilization and results utilization in the context of a real-world project example. • structure the central workshop sessions to construct complete work plans for a multiple phase, multiple population GCM project, using the presenters’ comprehensive Project Design Model as the basis for small group activities to develop complete project plans for attendees. The workshop will result in the participants’ deeper understanding of the Group Concept Mapping methodology in action, the relationship between qualitative and quantitative methods involved in GCM, the importance of customizing approaches and designs to recognize the group’s characteristics, and the process of planning a GCM project. Participants will practice project design, process assessment, participant management and results development. Participants will produce project designs and sample results to activate discussion about utilization of process and results.

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