Evaluation 2017: From Learning to Action

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Presenting the Final Draft of the AEA Evaluator Competencies

Session Number: 1625
Track: AEA Sponsored Sessions
Session Type: Multipaper
Tags: Professionalization
Session Chair: Jean A. King [Professor - University of Minnesota]
Presenter 1: Jean A. King [Professor - University of Minnesota]
Presenter 2: Elizabeth Wilcox
Presenter 3: Laurie Stevahn [Professor of Educational Leadership - Seattle University]
Presenter 4: Hazel Louise Symonette [Program Development & Assessment Specialist, Emerita - University of Wisconsin-Madison]
Presentation 1 Additional Author: Michelle Gensinger [University of Minnesota - Twin Cities]
Presentation 1 Additional Author: Sandra Ayoo [Graduate Student - University of Minnesota]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Robin Lin Miller [Professor - Michigan State University]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Donna Podems [University of Johannesburg]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Susan Tucker [Principal - Evaluation and Development Associates LLC]
Presentation 3 Additional Author: John LaVelle [Assistant Professor - University of Minnesota]
Presentation 3 Additional Author: Gail Vallance Barrington, PhD, FCMC, CE [President - Barrington Research Group, Inc.]
Presentation 3 Additional Author: Dale E Berger [Emeritus Professor of Psychology - Claremont Graduate University]
Presentation 4 Additional Author: Eric Barela [Measurement & Evaluation Senior Manager - Salesforce.org]
Presentation 4 Additional Author: Nicole Galport [Research & Evaluation Associate - Claremont Graduate University; Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, Inc.]
Time: Nov 11, 2017 (11:15 AM - 12:00 PM)
Room: Wilson B

Abstract 1 Title: The Development of the AEA Competencies: What the Task Force Did and Why
Presentation Abstract 1:

This presentation will summarize the multi-step process that led to the final draft of the AEA Evaluator Competencies. The process has included several activities in the past two years: (1) reviewing existing sets of competencies for program, policy, and personnel evaluation to identify and frame foundational competencies; (2) presenting a poster at AEA’s 2015 conference and sponsoring listening sessions at AEA’s 2015 and 2016 conferences; (3) analyzing and integrating feedback at two day-long meetings of the Task Force; (4) conducting member engagement in multiple forms; (5) a series of aea365 blog posts; and (6) twice revising the competencies based on the feedback received.

Abstract 2 Title: The Response of the AEA Membership to the Draft Competencies
Presentation Abstract 2:

This presentation will report on the outcomes of a survey of the AEA membership conducted in June-July, 2017. Survey respondents will critique each of the competencies, making suggestions about content and wording, as well as suggesting additional competencies for inclusion. This presentation will provide a detailed analysis of the survey results, grounded in input from several sources of feedback obtained by the Task Force, including interviews with TIG leaders and other AEA opinion leaders; posting and a feedback form on the AEA website; and consultation with leaders from other VOPEs.

Abstract 3 Title: The Final Draft of the AEA Evaluator Competencies
Presentation Abstract 3:

After two years of development, this presentation will unveil the final draft of the AEA Evaluator Competencies prior to their submission to the AEA Board and full membership for approval. They include proposed competencies grouped in five domains: professional practice, methodology, context, project planning and management, and interpersonal. The five domains will be described along with the specific competencies included in each domain. The presentation will also include a summary of the issues raised in feedback and how the final draft addressed them.

Presentation 3 Other Authors: Anna Rodell
Abstract 4 Title: Next Steps in Finalizing the AEA Evaluator Competencies
Presentation Abstract 4:

The final presentation will outline the Task Force’s plans for the AEA Board vote and, if approved, a membership vote on the draft competencies. The presenters will then briefly engage the audience to solicit thoughts on how best to proceed in beginning a discussion among the AEA membership about appropriate next steps in the professionalization of program evaluation in the USA.

Theme: Learning to Enhance Evaluation
Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

The American Evaluation Association’s Board approved the development of a set of evaluator competencies in 2015 as the next step in AEA’s development.  To begin, Competencies Task Force members reviewed existing sets of competencies for program, policy, and personnel evaluation to identify and frame foundational competencies necessary to the diverse evaluation practice of AEA members. Following feedback from a listening session at AEA’s 2015 conference, the Task Force revised the competencies and conducted member engagement in several forms. At the 2016 conference the Task Force met to revise the draft competencies, which were then critiqued at a second listening session. Following additional feedback, the competencies were finalized and sent with a survey to the entire AEA membership. This session will present the results of that survey and the final draft of the proposed competencies in preparation for Board approval and a 2018 vote of the membership.

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