Evaluation 2017: From Learning to Action

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Creating Actionable Insights That Promote Social and Emotional Learning

Session Number: 1261
Track: Youth Focused Evaluation
Session Type: Panel
Tags: capacity building, Collective Impact, Social and Emotional Learning, Youth
Session Chair: Kim Flores [CEO - Algorhythm]
Presenter 1: Kim Flores [CEO - Algorhythm]
Presenter 2: Katrina S Huffman [Director - Youth INC (Improving Nonprofits for Children)]
Presenter 3: Joseph Luesse [Principal Consultant & Founding Partner - 8RES]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Kim Flores [CEO - Algorhythm]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Katrina S Huffman [Director - Youth INC (Improving Nonprofits for Children)]
Third Author or Discussion Group Leader: Joseph Luesse [Principal Consultant & Founding Partner - 8RES]
Time: Nov 09, 2017 (03:15 PM - 04:15 PM)
Room: PARK TWR STE 8222

Abstract 1 Title: OnLine Learning To Promote Social and Emotional Development

Presentation Abstract 1:

This presentation will highlight findings from an ongoing collective impact study that uses an online learning system as its backbone support. The system includes more than 300 programs nation-wide, serving 8,000 youth and provides information about how to tailor programs to meet youth’s social and emotional learning needs, while measuring the impact that each program is having on their youth. The presentation will share how the system works, what outcomes and experiences are measured, and how cutting edge analytics built upon propensity score matching techniques determine which programs have the greatest outcome gains and which youth experiences predicted “success”.

Abstract 2 Title: Putting Learning Into Action: Building Organizational, Program and Field Capacity to Promote Social and Emotional Learning
Presentation Abstract 2:

This presentation will share how a venture philanthropy foundation has engaged their partners in using an online learning platform to support organizational learning, improve programming, and generate field-level learning. The presenter will discuss how their metrics program and participation in a national learning system have bolstered their mission of empowering, developing, and educating nonprofit organizations serving young people.  Core partners focus on developing young people throughout the New York City area and have similar goals in building their developmental assets, although they may be doing so through different strategies, such as the arts, summer camps, STEM, etc.  This presenter will discuss how, regardless of content areas, partners have been able to collectively learn what is, and is not working, with their programs so that they can continue to tailor their efforts for the youth they serve. In addition, they have been part of something larger, that has the potential of supporting ongoing field growth.

Abstract 3 Title: Driving Program Direction Through Social and Emotional Learning – a case study.
Presentation Abstract 3:

One nonprofit sports-based program in New York City will discuss how they provides year-round academic, sports, and enrichment programs to replace the barriers inner-city youth typically face with opportunities to build skills and confidence. A key element for success is a constant focus on social emotional learning which has been difficult to quantify and report with confidence.  This presentation will focus on how an online learning system has provided explicit and reliable SEL metrics/analytics that had previously been challenging to employ effectively. This presenter will share how the organization’s internal evaluation team and front line staff have used data to inform decision-making. In addition, discuss the need for reliable SEL systems that are easy to administer, translate results that are accessible to all levels of program staff, provide insights for targeted actions that are organizationally appropriate, and provide a more complete profile of youth and program successes and opportunities.


Theme: Learning What Works and Why
Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract (150 words): 

This panel will share the results of an ongoing, ground up, collective impact study that examines social emotional learning (SEL) in more than 300 out-of-school time programs.  While traditional collective impact initiatives require a significant financial and labor investment of all those involved, making it cost prohibitive for most, this panel will share how advancements in technology have driven down the cost, thereby increasing the depth and breadth of participation, particularly for small to medium sized nonprofits.  As more organizations use the system, the recommendations become very precise because each youth is matched with a peer group to discover which experiences have been most effective for these types of young people.  Panelists will discuss how greater access to high quality SEL tools and cutting edge analytics has allowed more time and energy for tailoring programs to meet youths’ needs and build upon their strengths.


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