Attaining our End Goals: Results of the 2015 AEA Member Survey

Session Number: 1947
Track: AEA Sponsored Sessions
Session Type: Panel
Tags: AEA Member survey, AEA News
Session Chair: Nicole Vicinanza [Senior Research Associate - Aguirre Division, JBS International]
Discussant: Eric Barela [Measurement & Evaluation Manager -]
Presenter 1: Michael A. Harnar, 52478 [Faculty - Claremont Lincoln University]
Presenter 2: Miriam Jacobson [Technical Specialist - ICF]
Presenter 3: Janelle Clay [Senior Research Associate - Atlanta Public Schools]
Presenter 4: Eric Barela [Measurement & Evaluation Manager -]
Time: Oct 27, 2016 (08:00 AM - 09:30 AM)
Room: L505

Abstract 1 Title: Member Survey Purpose and Development
Presentation Abstract 1:

Michael Harnar will discuss the survey's purpose,including the questions the survey was intended to answer, as well as its development and administration.

Abstract 2 Title: Member Survey Multivariate Analysis and Results
Presentation Abstract 2:

Miriam Jacobson worked with the Member Survey working group to conduct the analysis of the quantitative survey results. Miriam will discuss the analyses used and the key quantitative findings that helped show where AEA was serving respondents equally, and where there were respondents with different characteristics differed in how they felt about questions related to AEA End Goals.

Abstract 3 Title: Respondent Reflections and Meeting Member Needs
Presentation Abstract 3:

This segment of the session will address the analysis of open ended questions and respondent reflections on what they valued and what the association could do to better meet their needs.

Abstract 4 Title: Next Steps for the Member Survey
Presentation Abstract 4:

Eric Barela will discuss how the survey results are being used, and lead an audience discussion of next steps for future survey adminstration and use.

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract: 

The AEA Member Survey, conducted in the spring of 2015, addressed the Association’s progress towards meeting its stated Ends Goals. The Ends Goals are a series of statements that strategically guides the organization towards accomplishing its mission of improving evaluation practices and methods, increasing evaluation use, promoting evaluation as a profession, and supporting the contribution of evaluation to the generation of theory and knowledge about effective human action. The survey also obtained broader input on what works well and what AEA could improve to better meet member needs. This panel will review the findings from the survey and discuss the how these results can help AEA move further towards meeting its End Goals, accomplishing its mission and better serving the needs of a diverse AEA membership.  The panel will conclude with an audience discussion of next steps and future uses of the survey.