Evaluation 2016: Evaluation + Design

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Principles-Focused Evaluation for Principles-Driven Programs

Session Number: 1403
Track: Program Design
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: Adaptive, Developmental Evaluation, Principles
Session Facilitator: Michael Quinn Patton [Founder & Director - Utilization-Focused Evaluation]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Michael Quinn Patton [Founder & Director - Utilization-Focused Evaluation]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Charmagne Campbell-Patton [Director of Organizational Learning & Evaluation - Utilization-Focused Evaluation]
Time: Oct 28, 2016 (08:00 AM - 09:30 AM)
Room: International South 5

Audience Level: Intermediate

Session Abstract: 

Principles-driven programs are designed to be highly adaptive, innovative, and responsive under conditions of complexity.  Principles-focused evaluation treats program principles as the unit of analysis (evaluand) and designs an evaluation to assess both implementation and consequences of program principles.  

 Principles are succinct, pointed, and specific enough to provide program direction but open enough to be adapted to context. 


1. provide direction but not detailed prescription

2. are grounded in values about what matters

3. are based on evidence about how to be effective

4. must be interpreted and applied contextually and situationally

5. require judgment in application

6. inform choices at forks in the road

7. have opposites that point in a contrary direction

8. are the rudder for navigating complex dynamic systems

9. point to consequences, outcomes, and impacts

10. can be evaluated for both process (implementation) -- and results. 

 Principles-focused evaluation supports principles-driven program design.

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