Evaluation 2016: Evaluation + Design

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Designing a New Community of Practice: Celebrating 10 years of Advocacy and Policy Change TIG through reflections from past and present TIG chairs

Session Number: 1735
Track: Advocacy and Policy Change
Session Type: Panel
Tags: Advocacy and policy change
Session Chair: Jared Raynor [Director of Evaluation - TCC Group]
Discussant: Julia Coffman [Director - Center for Evaluation Innovation]
Presenter 2: Jackie W Kaye [Wellspring Advisors]
Presenter 3: Annette Lenore Gardner [Assistant Professor - U of California, San Francisco]
Presenter 4: David Devlin-Foltz [Vice President, Impact Assessment and Executive Director, Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program - The Aspen Institute]
Time: Oct 27, 2016 (11:00 AM - 11:45 AM)
Room: International South 4

Abstract 2 Title: Striking a nerve: Rapid growth and development of advocacy and policy change evaluation
Presentation Abstract 2:

10 years ago it was unclear where to go in AEA for information on policy and advocacy evaluation. As a field of work was starting to emerge, there was an open question as to whether AEA could and/or should serve as a home for establishing a community of practice. Jackie will describe the reasons that a TIG was ultimately pursued and the process by which it happened.As a broader body of work and rapid growth within AEA occurred, there was the question of direction and expectations for the field--what were we learning? What were the gaps? How was the community of practice responding? Jackie was APC co-chair 2007-2009

Abstract 3 Title: Formalizing a field of practice for advocacy and policy evaluation
Presentation Abstract 3:

Around 5 years, the work within the field had become fairly robust. There were numerous models, ideas, guidance papers, etc. targeted at evaluators or policy advocates. Questions around guidance, quality, standardization, etc. began to play a stronger role. The clarity on who was "leading" the work became more diffuse. What did we learn about formalizing the field? Where was there energy and what were key activities? Annette was APC co-chair 2011-2013

Abstract 4 Title: Where are we now? A time for review and looking forward.
Presentation Abstract 4:

As the TIG reaches 10 years, what have we as a community collectively learned? Where are our gaps? Who cares about our work? This and other reflections on our current state will set the stage for looking to the future. David was APC co-chair 2010-2012

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract: 

10 years ago this AEA, a small group of people convened to formally complete the process for establishing a new topical interest group (TIG): Advocacy and Policy Change.  Since then the TIG saw significant growth in membership and interest in the topic.  As a field, we have progressed significantly, with a wide range of ideas, tools, approaches, and a forthcoming book on the topic.  What does it mean to design a new field of practice?  This session will share reflections from the past and current co-chairs of the TIG—what is the state of the field? What did building a field actually look like? Have we arrived as a clear community of practice?  The audience will be included in sharing their own perspectives and ideas for the future.  

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