Evaluation 2016: Evaluation + Design

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Meet the Pros: Intermediate Consulting Skill-Building Self-help Fair

Session Number: 1874
Track: Independent Consulting
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: Business management, independent consulting, marketing
Session Facilitator: Robert Hoke [Consultant - Independent Consultant]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Stephanie Evergreen [Consultant - Evergreen Data]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Tamara Hamai [President - Hamai Consulting]
Third Author or Discussion Group Leader: Laura Keene [Owner & Principal - Keene Insights]
Fourth Author or Discussion Group Leader: Jessica Pugil [Principal - Working Partner LLC]
Time: Oct 27, 2016 (04:45 PM - 06:15 PM)
Room: Atrium Ballroom B

Other Authors: Fifth Facilitator: Jennifer Dewey, PhD, Senior Director, WRMA, (301) 881-2590 jdewey@wrma.com; Sixth Facilitator: Mary Murray, Principal Consultant, MEMconsultants, LLC, 206-789-2015, mary@memconsultants.com; Seventh Facilitator: Rhonda Schlangen, Independent Evaluation Consultant, Rhonda Schlangen Consulting, 802 645-9798, rhondaschlangen@gmail.com; Eighth Facilitator: Elayne Vlahaki. Principal Consultant, Catalyst Consulting Inc., elayne@catalyst-consulting.ca (604) 628-6353
Audience Level: Intermediate
Other Information: This session has worked best in a large room with a minimum of eight round tables. Appreciate any help in securing that type of space. The unique format of this session is best suited for a 90 minute time-slot. In the past we were told to assign this as a “roundtable discussion” in order that the table leadership is not counted against the speaker limits.

Session Abstract: 

This skill-building workshop features experienced independent evaluation consultants demonstrating and sharing some of their hard-earned lessons on managing a consulting business. A series of eight topic tables led by an experienced table leader who is prepared to share information about a topic they enjoy and do well. This session uses a speed-dating approach to learning. Every 10-15 minutes participants will circulate to a different topic table with a different table leader. Each table leader will prepare a two-page summary of helpful hints and resources for the participants. Topics include:  “Branding for Independent Consultants”; “Networking Strategies to Grow Business”; “Strategies to Diversify Skill Sets and Stay Fresh in a Changing Market”; “Evolving from a Sole Proprietor to a Small Shop”; “Strategic Planning”; “How to Use Sub-contractors and How to be a Useful Subcontractor”; “Importance of 90-day Cash Flow Planning”; and “How to Identify and Deliver on Clients’ Needs.”


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