Evaluating the usership of open-data or web-based initiatives through user stories

Session Number: 2020
Track: Qualitative Methods
Session Type: Roundtable
Tags: Impact, methodology, Open data
Session Facilitator: Katherine Shea [M&E Specialist - World Resources Institute - Global Forest Watch]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Karla Renschler [World Resources Insitute]
Time: Oct 27, 2016 (01:00 PM - 01:45 PM)
Room: A706

Audience Level: All Audiences

Session Abstract: 

In the age of anonymous Internet users, how do we know whom we are reaching? How do we know how our data is being used? Global Forest Watch is one of many platforms that aims to increase transparency and accountability through open-source data — in this case, geospatial environmental data. Anyone may view, download or analyze the information GFW publishes — so how can evaluators track impacts or outcomes? This roundtable will discuss three methods that Global Forest Watch is using to identify the people and organizations that use our platform and the results they have created. The question will be put to a group discussion: are these the best ways to track achievements of open-data projects? What other methods have evaluators tried for projects like these?