Successfully Navigating Peer-reviewed Publishing: Recommendations for First-time Authors

Session Number: 1441
Track: Graduate Student and New Evaluators
Session Type: Skill-Building Workshop
Tags: new evaluators, Professional development, Publishing
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Sara Beth Wolicki [Research Fellow - ASPPH/CDC ]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: John Iskander [Senior Medical Officer]
Time: Oct 26, 2016 (06:15 PM - 07:00 PM)
Room: A702

Audience Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Session Abstract: 

Though evaluation professionals are encouraged to share the results of their work through peer-reviewed publication, not all evaluators are published authors.  Evaluators’ prospect of publishing is limited by barriers including lack of knowledge and experience.  Inexperienced authors can overcome these barriers through education. 

This skill-building workshop will educate attendees about the significance of publishing to their career and the field, outline the publication process, and provide actionable recommendations for successfully having their work published.  We will discuss considerations for journal selection and authorship, identify the essential components to include within a submission cover letter, and present recommendations for effectively responding to reviewers’ comments.  As a group, we will review real-world examples from past publication submissions and discuss how best to address each example by applying the different recommendations.  After attending this workshop, new authors will be better equipped to submit their work to, and have it accepted by, peer-reviewed journals.