(48) Utilization of a Racial Equity Lens to help Guide Strategic Engagement and Evaluation

Session Number: 48
Track: Professional Development Workshops
Session Type: Professional Development Workshops
Workshop Lead Presenter: Paul Elam [Public Policy Associates]
Other Workshop Presenter: Willard Walker [Senior Policy Consultant - Public Policy Associates, Inc.]
Other Workshop Presenter: LaShaune Johnson [Assistant Professor - Creighton University]
Time: Oct 26, 2016 (12:00 PM - 03:00 PM)
Room: M104

Audience Level: None
Learning Outcomes: Participants will:
a. Be introduced to a framework for conducting evaluation using a racial equity lens.
b. Be exposed to key elements of the framework that can improve the quality of evaluation in diverse settings.
c. Assess their own individual cultural background and explore how it may influence the design choices they make in their evaluation work.

Session Abstract:  This workshop focuses on the practical use of a racial equity lens when conducting evaluation. The framework argues that culture and race are important considerations when conducting an evaluation because we believe that there are both critical and substantive nuances that are often missed, ignored, and/or misinterpreted when an evaluator is not aware of the culture of those being evaluated.Participants will be provided with a Template for Analyzing Programs through a Culturally Responsive and Racial Equity Lens, designed to focus deliberately on an evaluation process that takes race, culture, equity, and community context into consideration.