Problem Solving When Evaluation Throws a Curve Ball

Session Number: 1262
Track: Integrating Technology into Evaluation
Session Type: Poster
Tags: Annual Conference, Data Automation, Evaluation System, Evaluator - Client Relationships, Government, learning, Microsoft Office, Problem Solving, Technology Tools for Assessment
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Janelle Rottweiler Simpson [Assistant Research Scientist - WYSAC]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Eric L. Canen [Senior Research Scientist - University of Wyoming]
Time: Nov 11, 2015 (07:00 PM - 09:00 PM)
Room: Grand Ballroom, Poster 189

Audience Level: Advanced

Session Abstract: 

As evaluators, we are often faced with challenges. This poster will provide a practical example of how we quickly recovered from a data collection system failure. As part of a large statewide substance abuse prevention initiative, the required federal data reporting system was decommissioned without warning; however community grantees were still required to collect the information. This necessitated developing a new data system, which included these requirements; (1) the technology needed to be easily available, (2) the instruments needed to be customized, (3) data collection needed to be able to be automated, and (4) the data system needed to validate the data submissions to improve data quality over time. Further, the instruments had to be in the hands of the grantees within a month. This poster will present our solution using common software and an automation routine that satisfied the requirements.