Evaluation 2015: Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World

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(27) Visualizing Evaluation Data in Excel

Session Number: 27
Track: Professional Development Workshops
Session Type: Professional Development Workshops
Workshop Lead Presenter: Ann K. Emery [Data Visualization Specialist - Independent consultant]
Time: Nov 11, 2015 (08:00 AM - 03:00 PM)
Room: Columbus G

Audience Level: Beginner
Learning Outcomes: • Learn how to explore preliminary patterns by sketching charts by hand and via spark lines and conditional formatting in Excel
• Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of presenting data through various chart types (e.g., clustered bar charts versus dot plots versus slope graphs)
• Explore how to improve upon Excel's default chart settings (hands-on practice reducing chart clutter by adjusting borders, grid lines, and tick marks; writing titles, subtitles, and annotations that summarize desired takeaway messages; effectively labeling data points; emphasizing key findings with color; and using lesser-known features such as Gap Width, Change Chart Type, Switch Rows/Columns, and Categories in Reverse Order)
• Learn how to identify which communications mode(s) are best for sharing charts (e.g., visual reports, handouts, presentations, slidedocs, dashboards and others)
• Learn how to construct advanced charts in Excel from scratch (small multiples bar charts, diverging stacked bar charts, slope graphs, panel charts, small multiples line charts, dot plots, social network maps and more)
Facilitation Experience: Ann Emery has been a researcher and evaluator for more than a decade. Over the past few years, word spread that Emery had a knack for visualizing data and building dashboards, and evaluation agencies began contacting her to request workshops and consulting services. The demand for her data visualization services has continued to grow resulting in Emery running her own consulting practice full time.

Session Abstract: 

Have you ever emailed a report to a client and wondered whether they even read about the results? Have you tried sharing evaluation results during in-person meetings only to watch their eyes glaze over? If so, this hands-on workshop is for you. Visualizing data through charts and diagrams helps you deliver bite-sized pieces of information that stakeholders understand at-a-glance and retain for the long run. You'll participate in a step-by-step data visualization design process, from matching visualizations to stakeholders' information needs, to identifying the appropriate dissemination formats (like slidedocs and dashboards), to building graphs in Excel. You'll practice improving upon Excel's default settings by customizing RGB codes, writing titles that summarize key findings and reducing clutter. You'll also build advanced chart types from scratch, like small multiples layouts, diverging stacked bar charts, slope graphs, dot plots, social network maps and more. This workshop is highly interactive; laptops required.

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