Evaluation 2015: Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World

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Cultivating Data Visualization Competency in Advocacy Organizations

Session Number: 2521
Track: Data Visualization and Reporting
Session Type: Roundtable
Tags: Advocacy and policy change, Data Visualization, Evaluation capacity building
Session Facilitator: Catherine Z Dizon [Project Director - University of California, Davis]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Robin Kipke [Evaluation Associate - Univ. of California, Davis]
Time: Nov 14, 2015 (10:45 AM - 11:30 AM)
Room: Stetson D

Audience Level: All Audiences
Other Information: Your TIG drop down needs to include Advocacy and Policy Change as a choice (which I wanted to select for First Additional TIG

Session Abstract: 

Despite a growing number of blogs, books and consultants offering advice on data visualization, it can be hard for novices to formulate a coherent strategy for acquiring design competencies.  Blog posts cover a single topic at a time, often in a haphazard sequence.  Books cover more ground, but not how to create the visuals.

So what is the logical path for resource-poor organizations to cultivate data visualization capacity?

The University of California, Davis Tobacco Control Evaluation Center (TCEC), an evaluation capacity-building center, is developing a set of data visualization resources for 100+ advocacy organizations.  Using our draft blueprint as a foundation, this round table will discuss:

  1. Which data visualization principles should be considered essential (all organizations should know)
  2. What would a step-by-step data visualization skill-building curriculum look like?

At the end, participants can walk away with a loose learning structure which organizations can apply. 

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