Evaluation 2015: Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World

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Breaking it Down: Engaging Policy Makers, Advocates and Implementers in Evaluations for Democracy and Governance Programs

Session Number: DG2
Track: Democracy and Governance
Session Type: Multipaper
Session Chair: Andrew Green [IMPAQ International]
Presenter 1: Jo-Ann Sneddon [Westminster Foundation for Democracy]
Presenter 2: Denise Baer [Center for International Private Enterprise]
Presenter 3: Mads Teisen [The Capital Region of Denmark]
Presentation 1 Additional Author: Graeme Ramshaw [Director of Research and Evaluation - Westminster Foundation for Democracy]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Kristen Sutara [Center for International Private Enterprise]
Time: Nov 12, 2015 (07:00 AM - 07:45 AM)
Room: Grand Suite 5

Abstract 1 Title: Evaluating Complexity: Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Democracy Assistance Programme in the DRC
Presentation Abstract 1: The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) began its parliamentary programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s Province Orientale in June 2012. Plagued by a history of civil war and corruption, DRC remains very much a fragile state yet it is a country eager to strengthen its democratic governance practices. WFD's programme sought to increase democratic participation in Province Orientale through engagement with parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and civil society. This paper explores the challenges of measuring the change process in a complex environment where conventional monitoring and evaluation approaches may overlook the individual outcomes which contribute to the broader institutional change. It discusses the use of outcome-harvesting as part of a mixed method for a summative evaluation. The report highlights the behavioural change of both individuals and their respective sub-groups in breaking down local and tribal barriers as a building block of democracy.
Abstract 2 Title: Demonstrating Evaluability and Impact for Democratization Projects
Presentation Abstract 2: This session addresses the variety of methods and approaches for demonstrating evaluability and impact in democratization projects.
Abstract 3 Title: Evaluation for Democracy -- What is the Right Way to Involve Elected Representatives and to Enhance the Use of Evaluative Knowledge
Presentation Abstract 3: Democracy is good! Both the decision making process and the decisions themselves benefit from involvement of elected representatives. But it's difficult and there are many obstacles along the way.*<span> </span>How do we ensure that decisions are taken on the basis of evaluative knowledge, knowing that irrationality is a predominant factor in political settings?*<span> </span>How do we ensure the right level of involvement of elected representatives, knowing that they often don't have in-depth knowledge about the matters in case?
The paper will discuss these problems, and address some of the factors, that are considered crucial for succesful involvement of evaluative knowledge in political environments.
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Breaking it Down: Engaging Policy Makers, Advocates and Implementers in Evaluations for Democracy and Governance Programs

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