Data visualization with R: Going Interactive!!

Session Number: 2193
Track: Data Visualization and Reporting
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: data viz, quantitative methods
Session Facilitator: Tony Fujs [Director of Evaluation - LAYC]
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Tony Fujs [Director of Evaluation - LAYC]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Kealy Sloan [Learning and Evaluation Specialist - The Latin American Youth Center]
Time: Nov 13, 2015 (05:30 PM - 06:15 PM)
Room: Columbus KL

Audience Level: Advanced

Session Abstract: 

Independently of evaluations context and design, a constant for evaluators is the need to effectively communicate results to their audience, so these results can be used to create sustainable change. This is why data visualization is such an important tool for evaluators.

As an always increasing amount of information is being shared on the web, good old static evaluation reports (think pdf documents) are slowly, but surely, giving way to more dynamic formats. As a consequence, data visualizations are also becoming more dynamic, allowing the end user to not only be the passive information receptor, but to directly interact with it.

In this demonstration, attendees will learn how to easily add interactivity to their data visualization using R.