Evaluation 2015: Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World

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Keeping the Love Alive: Adventures in TIG Strategic Planning

Session Number: 1060
Track: Independent Consulting
Session Type: Panel
Tags: Exemplars
Session Chair: Cheryl Keeton [Keeton Evaluation Services and Consulting, LLC]
Presenter 1: Stephen C Maack [REAP Change Consultants]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Mary Nash [President - NASH Insights]
Presentation 2 Additional Author: Michelle B. Burd, Independent Consultant [Owner & Lead Evaluator - Burd's Eye View]
Time: Nov 12, 2015 (03:00 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: Columbus G

Other Authors:

Abstract 1 Title: The Daunting Planning Process
Presentation Abstract 1: In 2014 the Independent Consulting TIG chair successfully led a virtual strategic planning process with a subset of the TIG. This presentation will provide a brief background on strategic planning, why a TIG would do this, criteria for good strategic plans, and a brief assessment of this plan against those criteria. It will discuss how the planning process worked along with its successes and challenges, and comment on tools available for remote collaboration work.
Abstract 2 Title: Figuring Out How to Implement the Plan
Presentation Abstract 2: Using the final strategic plan, the incoming chair was tasked with implementing the plan. Using a variety of methods, volunteers were identified to handle different goals and objectives in the plan. The presenter will discuss these methods along with how the process unfolded and what progress was made. At least one of the goal leaders will be on hand to present his/her progress and work to date.
Abstract 3 Title: Implementation Take II: Lessons Learned Along the Way
Presentation Abstract 3: In 2016, a new chair will take over the TIG and be responsible for continuing to implement the plan. He will discuss the lessons learned and successes he has observed over the past year. He will discuss his process to prepare to “keep the TIG love alive” with his ideas and strategic plan approaches for the coming year.
Audience Level: Advanced
Other Information: This session is applicable to all TIGs. We think this process can and should be replicated.

Session Abstract: 

In 2014 the Independent Consulting TIG engaged in a strategic planning process led by the TIG Chair.  After the Chair announced a tentative “Plan to Plan” at the AEA 2013 TIG meeting, a 15-member committee conducted virtual discussions throughout the year and generated member feedback on an early version of a strategic plan. Once the committee revised and finalized it internally, the plan was distributed to the greater TIG and ultimately approved at the AEA 2014 conference TIG meeting. In January 2015, the new Chair led the beginning phases of implementing the plan. This phase will carry on through 2017, with a new Chair elected each year in charge of implementation. The TIG has identified committees and leaders for all goals and objectives of the strategic plan and the work is successfully in progress.  

In this session, TIG leaders will discuss our process from its beginning until the fall of 2015. Leaders that have been involved will present on the different phases that have been carried out to date as well as those to be done in the future.  The discussion will generate an exchange of ideas about using virtual planning to work toward common TIG goals while making smooth chair-to-chair transitions each year.  


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