“How Will You Shine Your Light?” in Evaluation Practice?

Each human is born with a unique light frequency (HeartMath Institute Energetic Communication) and we all grow to shine that light in different ways. Some are born into circumstances that dim and even attempt to extinguish that light while others are born in spaces where their light is allowed to shine brightly over many others. Those of us in AEA, or have chosen the profession of Evaluation, have done so because we believe our professional field allows us to shine our lights for the purposes of improving conditions for others to shine theirs.

It is through this lens that I wish for us all to consider our evaluation work. In service to this, for the 2020 virtual experience, I am asking attendees to think about her/his/their expression of light through their evaluation practice. Ask yourself, “How am I shining my light?” in my work. Is it through making sure all stakeholder voices are included, particularly those who are often in the dark? Is it through shining light on the historical imperative associated with certain evaluation methods/practices? Is it through illuminating new levels of rigor that can be associated with many evaluation methods/practices? Is it by shining the light on the pathway to evaluation for new professionals? Is it by creating new evaluation theories, methods, or practices? Pose your own questions around how you are shining your light in evaluation practice.