AEA Award Recipients

Marcia Guttentag Award
Robert Ingle Award
Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Government Award
Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Practice Award
Paul F. Lazarsfeld Award
Evaluation Advocacy and Use Award
Enhancing the Public Good Award
Research on Evaluation Award
Outstanding Evaluation Award
Outstanding Publication Award
Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Science Award - Combined w/ Guttentag Award 1986
The Preloff President Prize - Combined w/ Lazarsfeld Award 1983

This list may have inadvertently omitted some award winners, since it was drawn from incomplete AEA Award files. Please inform the AEA office at: info@eval.org if mistakes have been made.

Marcia Guttentag New Evaluator Award Recipients

1981   Karen L Gallagher
1982   Jana Kay Smith
1983   Kathleen Bodisch Lynch
1984   Paul LeMahieu
1987   Georg Matt
1988   Erol Ricketts
1990   Kathleen Valentine
1991   Savior Chircop
1993   Leslie Riggin
1995   Margret Dugan
1996   Stewart Donaldson and Robin Miller
1997   Frank P Mondeaux
1999   David B Wilson
2000   Rodney Hopson and Vanessa Moss-Summers
2001   Marco Munoz
2002   Theresa Salazar
2004   Christina Christie
2005   E Jane Davidson and Rebecca Gajda
2007   Liliana Rodriguez-Campos
2008   Kelly Hannum
2008   Chris LS Coryn
2011   Margaret Hargreaves
2012   Tarek Azzam
2013   Dominica McBride
2013   Daniela Schroeter
2014   Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead
2015:  Stephanie Evergreen

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Robert Ingle Service Award Recipients

1987   Nancy Kingsbury
1988   Michael Hendricks
1989   Wei L Fang
1990   Lois-ellin Datta
1991   Nick Smith
1993   Robert Covert
1994   Midge Smith
1995   Jonathan Morell
1996   John McLaughlin
1997   Jana Kay Slater
1999   Jean A King
2000   William Shadish
2001   Michael Scriven
2002   Rita O'Sullivan
2003   Anna Madison
2004   Donna Mertens
2005   Arnold Love
2006   Craig Russon
2007   Karen Kirkhart
2009   Molly Engle
2010   Rodney Hopson
2011   Robin Lin Miller
2013   Susan Kistler
2015:  Kathleen Bolland

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Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Government Evaluation Award Recipients

1977   Howard Davis
1978   Harrison Williams
1979   Joseph Wholey
1980   Elliott Liebow
1981   Alan Campbell I
1982   Eleanor Chelimsky
1983   Harry Rogers
1984   Michael Wargo
1985   Gerald Barkdoll
1986   Barbara Searle
1987   Senator Paul Simon
1988   Alice Rivlin
1989   Christopher Wye
1990   Nancy Collins
1991   Mike Mangano
1992   Charles Windle
1993   Alan Ginsburg
1994   Charles Bowsher
1995   Jonathan Breul
1996   Richard Sonnichsen
1997   Deborah L Rugg
1998   J Christopher Mihm
2000   Gene Lyle
2001   Philip Harris
2002   Office of Smoking & Health, CDC
2003   Conrad Katzenmeyer
2005   Nancy R Kingsbury
2006   George F Grob
2008   Stephanie Shipman
2009   Michael Coplen
2011   Idaho Legislature's Office of Performance Evaluation
2012   Katherine Dawes
2013   Thomas Chapel

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Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Evaluation Practice Award Recipients

1977   Julius Richmond
1978   Edward Glaser
1979   Thomas Kiresuk
1980   Jack Rothman
1981   Lois-ellin Datta
1983   Robert Boruch
1984   Michael Patton
1985   Henry Levin
1986   Jack Farquhar
1987   Lee Sechrest
1988   Judith Gueron
1989   Charles Kiesler
1990   Emil Posavac
1991   Howard Freeman
1992   Mary Ann Test
1993   Milbrey McLaughlin
1995   Jean A King and David Fetterman
1996   Shakeh Kaftarian
1997   Stacy Hueftle Stockdill and Blaine Worthen
1998   Abraham Wandersman
2000   Don Compton
2001   Ricardo Millett
2002   James Altschuld and Hallie Preskill
2003   Harbans Singh Bhola
2005   Patricia J Rogers
2006   Frances Lawrenz
2007   Arlen Gullickson
2010   James Rugh
2011   Leonard Bickman
2012   Marco Segone
2014   Veronica Olazabal
2015: Young Mi Kim

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Paul F. Lazarsfeld Evaluation Theory Recipients

1977   Angus Campbell
1980   Harold Watts
1981   Aaron Wildavsky
1982   Thomas Chalmers
1983   James Coleman
1984   Gene Glass
1985   Daniel Stufflebeam
1986   Michael Scriven
1987   Egon Guba and Yvonna Lincoln
1988   Robert Stake
1989   Richard Nathan
1990   Ernest House
1991   Richard Light
1992   Rudolf Moos
1993   Huey Tsyh-Chen
1994   William Shadish
1995   Marvin Alkin
1996   Mark Lipsey
1997   Michael Quinn Patton
2000   David Fetterman
2002   Thomas Schwandt
2003   Jennifer Greene
2005   Werner W Wittmann
2007   Karen Kirkhart
2008   J Bradley Cousins
2009   Donna Mertens
2010   Jonathon Morell
2012   Melvin Mark
2013   Stewart Donaldson
2014   Bob Williams
2015:  Stafford Hood
2015:  George Julnes

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Evaluation Advocacy and Use Recipients

2014   David Fetterman

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Enhancing the Public Good Recipients

2015   Nancy MacPherson

Research on Evaluation Recipients

2015   William Shadish

Outstanding Evaluation Award Recipients

1998: Gary Henry, Georgia's Council for School Performance

2000: CSAP and The High Risk Youth Evaluation Team

2000: Len Bickman and the Fort Bragg Study Team

2002: Association for the Study and Development of Community,
Evaluation of the Initiative to Strengthen Neighborhood Intergroup Assets

2002: Ross Conner, Colorado Healthy Communities Initiative Evaluation

2003: Bryan Leadership Development Initiative Evaluation Team

2003: US General Accounting Office Performance Measures Team

2004:The Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program Evaluation

2009: Mathematica Policy Research Inc Evaluation of Abstinence-Only Education Programs
Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs Final Report

2010: Beth C. Weitzman, Urban Health Initiatives
Evaluation of the Urban Health Initiative

2011: David Jenkins, Independent Consultant
A TALE Unfolded: Main Report

2011: The Changing At-Risk Behavior Team
Promising Evidence of Impact on Road Safety by Changing At-risk Behavior Process at Union Pacific

2012: The Paris Declaration Phase 2 Evaluation Team
Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration

2013: Rebecca Campbell, Michigan State University
Implementation of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Practitioner Evaluation Toolkit 

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Outstanding Publication Award Recipients

2004: A Toolkit for Evaluating Public R&D Investment:
Models, Methods, and Findings from ATP’s First Decade


2005: Singing Our Praises: Case Studies in the Art of Evaluation

2008: Getting to Outcomes

2011 The Systematic Screening and Assessment Method: Finding Innovations Worth Evaluating

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Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Science Award Recipients

1977 Donald Campbell
1978 Frederick Mosteller
1979 Lee Cronbach
1980 Carol Weiss
1981 Peter Rossi
1982 Thomas Cook
1983 Combined w/ Lazarsfeld

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Perloff President Prize Recipients

1978   Leah Abrahams 
1979   Suzette Ashworth
1980   Wayne Dailey
1981   Robert S Pierre and Charles Reichardt
1982   Terry Hedrick
1983   Anthony Bryk
1984   David Fetterman
1985   Debra Rog
1986  Combined w/ Guttentag

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